How do I create such graphics?

I was just wondering if anyone knows how I can achieve such an effect in After Effects or other programs like it?
I think it was first modeled in 3D and then processed into a 2D effect. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any information on youtube on how to create such effects.
That’s why I’m reaching out to you in hope, someone can help me.

Is this even motion design?

Ink, brush, scissors, scanner
oh, wait, you mean the video itself?

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Yeah, for example at 00:24

I fixed your link. I also boosted your posting privileges, so you can create your own links.

I’ve never seen anything quite like that video, and I don’t know how it was done. I’m guessing it was a combination of techniques There are some 3D effects in it, but I’m not sure how much was done in a 3D app as opposed to being created with more traditional animation and video effects. There was obviously motion software involved. Honestly, I’m just not sure. it’s impressive, though.

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