How do I create this effect

I’ve played this game a few years ago, and I love the login screen they built. I am looking for an effect name, or tutorial how to build a similar effect. The effect is on the borders of the image, basically a cut out effect, but also with transparency.

I want to replicate this effect for something completely else, I’m making brochures.

Any assistance in getting the name of the effect or links to tutorials will be appreciated!

I’m not sure if there is a name for such a style it seems to look like a modern grunge effect.

You could achieve this through layering, masking and opacity.

Clipping path

This one is rather sloppy and as Smurf said, does look like a clipping path was used on part of it. Looks like some feather brushing was added as an afterthought.

A more sublte option is to build it on a transparent background.
If doing for web I’d build the background image in layers with the background clear and save as png.

For print, a tif saved with transparency works.

You have to keep your layers, if you flatten it, the background defaults to white.
I’m sure there are other ways.