How do I keep pictures UPRIGHT in Clubhouse?

Dear Anyone.

OK, I’m a complete pratt where graphics are concerned so laugh all you like as long as you’re helpful afterwards…

I’ve got an ancient I-phone, I think its number’s SP4 or something, had it a few days, bought it 2nd hand. Joined Clubhouse (using Bluestacks after the shock of discovering it wouldn’t work on the phone even though the phone was an I-phone and I was told it would work on I-phones!) and wanted to put my picture up. Discovered I-phones can take pictures so I took one of me. It was upright (portrait) on the phone, the computer - and sideways in Clubhouse. Tried rotating it, it went from sideways to upside down and stayed there.

So I took another upside down on the I-phone, reasoning that now it would be rotated the right way up. Nope - it got rotated from upside down to sideways and stayed there. How do I take a picture of me, using the old I-phone cos it’s the only camera I have that doesn’t still rely on film, that’s upright in Clubhouse on Bluestacks when I import it in there? I’ve tried about 11 times now and I can’t spot how to do it! (sideways left, sideways right, upside down, right way up, shrunken small, made large, rotated diamond-shape in a graphics program and re-exported, rotated sideways in same graphics program incase that made a difference and re-exported, flipped left, flipped right, inverted!)

Nothing, but nothing, will stay upright in Bluestacks/Clubhouse. But everyone else’s pictures are upright. How are they doing it!?!?! Each one of the changes in the brackets above can look upright on my PC Win 10 computer screen. It’s when they hit Clubhouse the rotation changes and I don’t understand why. But everyone else seems to!

Yours frustratedly,

Chris, who doesn’t like standing on his head!

I have no idea what either of those places are you mentioned and I’ve never had an iPhone. It’s been nearly a day and no one else has responded either. I can only suggest you look for an Apple or specifically an iPhone forum. This seems to have very little to do with Graphic Design and a lot to do with hardware issues :wink:

Good luck.

If its just for your picture for your avatar/user profile or whatnot, take a screen capture of the photo you want to upload, it should remove any rotation issues.

I suspect Chris landed here because he/she thought a graphic design forum would know how to solve the problem. It sounds like he/she is still using film cameras and that all this digital kind of thing on an iPhone is something of a mystery.

Chris, first off, welcome to the 21st Century. :wink: I haven’t signed up for Clubhouse, but the way you describe what’s happening doesn’t make a lot of sense. I see no reason why the photo would appear in Clubhouse upside down unless you had the phone turned upside down, but you said you shot the photos both ways and that every way you tried it, your photo ends up being upside down.

That’s a mystery because I see no way for that to have happened short of you making an error of some kind. Unfortunately, I don’t have a clue what that might be. I could give you suggestions to try about rotating images, screen captures, downsampling the photo, and that sort of thing, but it sounds like with your level of experience, this might not be all that helpful. Sorry.

Maybe its just the same problem I have sending photos from my iPhone to someone with Microsoft outlook express email. Sometimes the images just send sideways and no amount of turning on my end fixes it. Sorry not helpful, but never even heard of Clubhouse.

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