How do I mimic this style?

Hey guys,
I wanted to make a similar edit of myself on similar lines to the new weekend album art:

Was hoping someone on here could provide some guidance on what kind of picture I’d need to take and what edits I’d need to make. Really liked how pleasing this album art is.

Thanks in advance!

First and foremost, I think you’d need to start with a photo that was already 90 percent there.

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Yeah definitely!

But post a good Lightroom edit, will a solid blue fill layer set to overlay give me the tint?

I’ve never used Lightoom — just Photoshop, but the following still probably applies.

Assuming you have the right photo with the right kind of lighting, just using the dodging and burning tools to darken the background to black and lightening the other areas to get just the right balance in the right areas would be most of it.

Of course, in the photo you posted, there are the gold highlights, which I’m quite certain were carefully and strategically added by hand using any one of several tools.

The blue overlay appears to be just that, a blue layer set to multiply with the image on the layer beneath it. A blue/black duotone would be doable too, but I don’t think that’s the case here.

In Photoshop, there are a bunch of layer effects to determine how a layer interacts with the layer(s) beneath it, which might have been used. I don’t know if Lightroom has these features.

In addition, the photo you posted looks as though the image was manipulated to even out any skin surface irregularities and imperfections to give it that perfectly soft look. Doing that might have involved any number of different tools, techniques, and attention to meticulous detail.

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Perfect this is exactly what I needed. Thanks a ton!