How do I recreate the Super Smash Ultimate warp?

I’d show a picture but I’m not allowed. It is the bottom “warp” effect in the “smash bros” part of the super smash bros ultimate logo that I refer to.

It turns out doing it is much harder than I first expected. None of the warp effects I know of are easily able to recreate the bottom half warp done in this logo.

It appears to be a method where they upscale the text further on the sides and then blending the bottom parts of the letters with a coherent curved shape. But I can’t figure out how to do it as well myself.

How do you think this is done? How can I recreate the effect the exact same way if I ever needed to? I mainly use Illustrator and Photoshop, but perhaps a better program exists for this one.

Why do you think you’re “not allowed” to show the logo? It’s not a secret.

It could be a combination of mesh warps and manual positioning of nodes. You can recreate the effect by spending however long it takes to manipulate the curves to arrive at the desired positioning. Most high-quality work like this isn’t done using preset effects. There is no “easy button”.

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New poster doesn’t have permission to post images or links (spam reduction thing.)
It’s not that they aren’t allowed, they physically can’t.

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Thanks! This is the same and also a more detailed answer to the one I received on Reddit. I appreciate this. I am honestly surprised by how well this technique works. I just need to get better at my ‘O’-s and ‘S’-es.

And yeah about the image, as a new forum member I physically couldn’t show images. But I can now, here’s my first attempt using this method. First try and it already looks almost presentable:

Aw yeah. I forgot about that.

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