How do I replace the UI of a software application?

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I’m currently working on a small side project for which I want to replace the UI of an already existing software application because I felt like it was very outdated. I have (close to) no experience in UI design or software development but I have managed to create a clean new UI for the program. Right now I’m stuck on determining how I should go about replacing the UI to give the program a small makeover.

The original program is written in C# and the UI was made with visual studio. Therefore I’ve also made the new UI in visual studio so the files are exactly the same type. I’ve tried to simply replace the files, which of course did not work because there are a lot of buttons and actions connected to the old UI.

I’m capable of replacing the UI if I know which steps I have to take, but right now I’m completely in the dark. I hope some of you guys can help me out here. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Hi @BPK.

I’m not sure how to help you with your problem, but I’d like to welcome you to the forum.

Best of luck!

Are you a UI designer or a software engineer? Assuming you or your company has access to the source code, if you’re a UI designer, you’d need to work with the programmer(s) familiar with and responsible for the code. Not many UI designers have the knowhow to work in C# any more than the programmers working in that language would be expected to design the UI.

I don’t want to jump to conclusions, but you seem to be suggesting that you or your company develops software but lacks the internal knowledge to modify your products. Are you an interface designer who will be compiling this yourself, which seems odd? Or are you a programmer who’s just unfamiliar with how to integrate the new UI assets?

Unfortunately, I doubt there’s anyone here familiar enough with C# to answer your question. Your question might best be answered in a C# developer forum rather than a graphic design forum since your question seems to be more about how to integrate the new UI assets into the software rather than designing the UI itself.

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