How do we make this in ai

I have the flower of life in ai as geometric! but I am not sure how do we make this,

is there any tutorial on it

try this

it is a Geometric Design and should have to be 100% same…

It should be based on some calculations for sure

This is not a perfect match. I just wasn’t going to spend all day trying to figure it out. The example you posted has it going from smaller to big then back to small, you may have to play with multiple effects or possibly blending of the original shapes.

Bottom line is the Appearance Panel in Illustrator is amazing, and can be used to produce geometric patterns and shapes pretty easily. This took me 2 minutes.

And here it is in outline view:

It’s one dot and one circle. I use one pen anchor point that is blank as a point to base rotations around.

Then I grouped them and applied two transform effects (click the “fx” button in the palette to add your own).

Screen Shot 2020-05-04 at 2.09.47 PM

The first effect was this. Which by making 20 copies slightly smaller and moved to the right, resulted in one circle arc.

Then I applied a second transform effect which rotated it to forma complete circle (360 degrees.) So, by rotating it 12 degrees, there are 30 “arcs” to form one circle. So I made 29 copies to go with my original copy to result in a full circle.

The beauty of this is it is non destructive and you can go and add additional affects as well as play with the transformations. You can also play with moving the circle closer or further to the center pen anchor point by double clicking into the group to edit it. Heck, you could add other shapes, you could change your circle, etc.

Thank you!

for the info but I wanted it to be 100% perfect,

it is a sunflower, and geometric as well

Spend a little more than 2 minutes, get it where you want it, delete the parts you don’t need. The appearance palette is a powerful Illustrator tool. One of the better bits of that software.

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