How do you call this kind of illustration style

I think it’s trending, this kind of illustration style:

and this:

The body proportion of the characters are not common like smaller head, or bigger body :smiley: wavy hair for the female characters, using pastel color schemes, flat minimalist design.

Is this related to French retro style of illustration or anything? :smiley:
You know there are Japanese Manga style illustrations that you would recognize in a glance.

So, how do you call this kind of illustration style?

I just found out about Matisse’s art

Looks like those kind of illustrations were Matisse inspired :slight_smile:

Has it’s roots in Fauvism of Matisse was a practitioner. Much later Matisse did his Cut-Outs …and for good reason too!

Fast forward … Flat 2.0

I always wondered what a collaboration would be if Henri Matisse and Miles Davis worked together.

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