How do you design your portfolio?

Hi all, I am working an assignment about design industry and would like to learn how you a guys design your portfoilo as it would be key for the employers to base on when making decisions. And would like to know more about (freelance) graphic designers’ day to day work.

Figure out your audience. ie why you want to be hired by any particular studio or person. Gear your presentation to that.
Pick your 10 best pieces.
Put your second best piece first, pieces 3-10 next, and your best piece last.

A freelance designer usually has 10 years in the industry working for someone else in order to learn how not to re-invent the wheel. After gaining the experience needed to be able to offer expert advice, then a designer can start taking clients freelance. Without experience, clients may as well do their own stuff. And more of them are. They skip hiring the designer and use online crowdware to do their own thing. If you can’t get above that level, you will starve in this industry.

A freelancer might spend 50% of their time drumming up new business, 10% of their time doing businessy things like taxes and invoicing and chasing clients who haven’t paid, and maybe 30% of their time designing. Freelancing is a business. There is a lot of overhead that goes into a business that isn’t designing.

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Great appreciation for providing me an in-depth idea of how different freelance work could be.

Will work on exploring and experimenting the work for portfolio building.