How do you like the new Facebook theme?

Is it not basically a rip off of Twitter?

Twitter Dark Theme

Facebook New Dark Theme

Dark themes are everywhere. I don’t use Facebook or Twitter but if this is new, they are late adopters.

ah, selling Taylor Swift!
and that other one whom music “experts” deem incredible: Just10 Barbers.

I just opened a facebook account weeks ago for sharing my comics which is useless when joining groups for cartoons because Im not Gary Larson or anime.

It rolled through for me about a month ago. I liked it at first … but I had to go back to classic view. My eyes have decided they do not like looking at a black screen for a long period of time. I wish I could handle it … the black is sleek :slight_smile:

I don’t like dark facebook theme

I’ve gradually settled into getting used to the new theme over the past weeks, but I’ve switched from the dark to the light mode.

I’m rocking the dark theme on GDF too! :slight_smile: Click your name in the top right, preferences, interface, theme.

Went back to Classic after a week. I found the video and group post alerts especially annoying. They kept pleading with me to check the latest posts in those categories and wound up wasting my time. And the alerts never end, so I bailed.

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I’ve just made the GDF switch to the dark side too. I’ll try it for a few days to see if it sticks.

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The only time it sucks is if somebody posts a png with a transparent background and the assumption that everyone will look at it on a light screen. Ex.: Logos, and different graphics

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What’s this Facebook you speak of?


Facebook and I don’t occupy the same planet, but generally speaking, I prefer dark themes on my screens.

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