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Hi, this is my first post on this forum (excluding my introduction). I wanted to share with you some designs I’ve been working on recently.

Context :
These are various designs made for a fictitious clothing brand named Piano. I conceptualized this clothing brand to be one with the objective to provide stylish and modern looking clothes which feature subtle and minimalist designs with musical undertones.

First, here are 2 variations of the main logo :

  • The main logo is derived from the musical notation symbol “piano”, which is used to convey that the music should be played in a soft and subtle manner. I am working on a third variation, but having a hard time, as I don’t want the logo to lose it’s simplicity. One critique I would give myself is that this minimalist approach might be hindering my creativity. I could see people finding the design boring or bland.

Second, here are 2 variations of a more typographic rendition of the logo :

  • These wouldn’t be the main logo. I was thinking they could show up as basic designs for T-Shirts or whatnot.

To add to that, here are some designs which follow the same " subtle, minimalist with musical undertones" theme :

  • These designs would be featured on different kinds of apparel. They all have some subtle, or not so subtle link with musical notation symbols.

Finally, here’s a T-Shirt design I made to make the conceptualization process more concrete :

This is a relatively long post, but I wanted to provide some context to make critiquing easier. Alongside the designs, feel free to critique me on the post format itself, as I am not used to this just yet.

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Explain why people would want to wear these?
It takes a very rare combination of branding and trending to make branded clothing popular among the “in” crowd.

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Good effort but you’re not there yet… start over with a fresh idea.

Getting there @Helium . There’s great potential in your work. I would modernize it a bit more. Personally I’m more into minimalist style which can be connected to minimalist style. @iraszl you’re right.

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