How do -YOU- list freelance work on your resume?

This might sound like a very novice question, but since I’ve been a loyal employee for 2-3 companies my whole adult life, my resume is looking a bit bare.

I have countless clients that I’ve worked with as a freelancer while working my typical 9-5. I obviously can’t list all of them.

I took a resume building class in college, but it never really covered the topic of listing freelance work. And I know there are resources around the web, I’m just curious about how some of you might handle the situation.

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I personally list ‘Freelancing’ as a singular item, with a description of the typical tasks and a brief list of clients. Layout-wise, it looks just like another place of employment in my work history.

I’ve also seen resumes that list each freelance gig much like it was another place of employment, but I wouldn’t do that ever every freelance gig you’ve had by any means - only the important ones.

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The last entry in the section of my resume where I list current and previous jobs, I list the name of my own freelance business. I also list a bunch of my better-known current and past clients there.

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I list any “intensive” jobs that I’d like to highlight whether they be company positions, consultancy, temporary, freelance…

I’ve found simply adding “- Consultant” or “- Freelance” after the name of the company and prior to any description of the work itself is easy as pie.

For “small” jobs: one off’s or say a tri-fold or logo - just make a list of companies under a heading like “Other Freelance Assignments” after the highlighted jobs. This is a great way to get people because they will often see a company on there and think “oh I want to see what he/she did for them.” and there you are, talking to them. Already halfway to getting the job. Just don’t list anything you are not ready to show or you’re shooting yourself in the foot.

Another way to go about it is kinda sketchy but it’s accepted today. Make a list of actual printed pieces at the end of your resume. I mean list everything: Business Cards, postcards, labels, brochures, backlit signage, promotional materials, logos… everything you can think of.

This works because a lot of search engines online will seek out specific words. So if I want a label made, I will type in “label designer”, and ta-da! There I am.

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