How do you make user/client scroll down the page?

How do you make visitors in your websites (PCs/laptops and mobile) understand they need to scroll down the page ?

Note: I do not want cuted element that will be shown up and they will think “There is continue to this website”.

If there any ideas i would like to take insparation from your wisdom. I just begun learning js so if you have solution that is only “design” it would be better for me.

Thank you very much for help !

Hah! Let me apologize in advance for the fact that this will be entirely unhelpful, but I have a similar question. Where you ask how to make make me scroll, I ask why you make me scroll.

As a matter of circumstance, my design career has only included a relatively tiny amount of design for web or on-screen, but back when I started (before the comet wiped out all my bird-lizard contemporaries), (I thought) the prevailing etiquette was to build pages that wouldn’t require the viewer to scroll. Now, I’m not too dumb to realize that the proliferation of touch-screen technology has changed the paradigm with respect to scrolling, but still; it feels to me like every web site is made up of a single, bloody huge vertical stack of tricky shit that moves in gimmicky ways as I scroll down, and down, waiting to get to something I want. But over and over it seems these layouts actually show and say very little, and are a woefully weak substitute for the stout navigation that was expected of web pages back when scrolling was considered an inconvenience. I may truly hate this design trend.

So with my old-guy rant out of the way, my point might be that you don’t have to worry about cuing my scroll. Everyone expects, and is expected, to scroll, and we all know it.


Just make it idiot proof before they invent a better idiot.

EASIEST: A big fat red arrow with the words (around 3" wide 2" tall onscreen at bottom) “for more information… scroll down…”

OR: You can make a series of buttons along the bottom of the page that, when clicked (duh), scrolls down automatically to the subject they clicked.

That said, consider a splash page. We have about 100 websites that are all interconnected depending upon the sort of labels or packaging we produce. Every one of those sites not only go to the main page, but to the specific information about the search term the person used to find us.

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Thank you very much ! I think the buttons idea really suite my website.
Have a good day :slight_smile:

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