How do you promote yourself?

How do you promote yourself?

Hello! I’m Sara Zandonai, a student in the Graphic Design course at the Fine Art Academy in Bologna (ITALY).

For my thesis project I’m researching new ways to communicate and to promote ourself in the creative field through Personal Branding. I ask you to complete this short survey which will take a few minutes and will allow me to analyze how designers promote themselves. (can’t post the full link)

The answers received will be included in my thesis project as Case Studies.

I hope you can help me, thanks for your attention :slightly_smiling_face:


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As a new member you can’t post links yet. It’s protections we have in place to combat the immense amount of spammers we get.

We get asked to fill out surveys from students frequently. Most of us aren’t too keen on clicking links from unknown sources either, so please feel free to post your questions here. I have a feeling you will get more results.

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Hi, Sara.

I looked at your survey but wasn’t able to answer the question because the premise of the survey — can designers benefit from personal logos — seems focused on recent graduates looking for work as opposed to established professionals who might already have jobs or their own businesses.

For example, I’ve worked as a designer and creative director in various capacities for decades. Right now, I own my own solo business. Do I have a personal logo? No. Did I ever have a personal logo? No. Does my business have a logo? Yes, but my business is a separate entity from me.

The notion of designers having personal logos is a recent phenomenon. I suspect it began in design schools when instructors began asking their students to design them as an exercise in brand design. Somehow, these assignments have morphed from a simple assignment into a perceived need for a personal logo to help students and recent graduates brand themselves.

Personally, I think they’re completely unnecessary. I don’t think having one hurts a designer’s chances of landing a job, but I doubt it helps much either. If a designer begins taking freelance work, then, yes, a logo is appropriate for the freelance business, but as I already mentioned, that’s a business logo, not a personal logo.

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Personal logos also may have grown out of the need for Sigs in all sorts of gaming spaces and other social media things. You are supposed to outgrow them.

Avatars are handy, unless you are in a space where people change them on a whim, like some Discord channels I visit, then they are rather useless.

But personal logos as a graphic designer? What B said.

I didn’t know! Thank you very much for your reply, I will try to post the questions individually :slight_smile:

Thanks for explaining your point of view, really valuable! :slight_smile: