How does pixel resolution work?

Hi everyone,

I want to create an NFT and upload it to a digital canvas. On the canvas description, the recommended resolution is 1920 X 1080. However, for some personal reasons, I want the resolution to be 1921 X 1084. Would this be ok? I mean can I create a visual in 1921 X 1084?

Your help is much appreciated.

Many thanks.

1920 x 1080 is the standard HD video resolution. Is your work video or derived from video. Is there some reason why you’re supposed to stick with those dimensions? Why do you want to change those dimensions by a few pixels? Of course, you can change them for whatever reason you want, but whether you should or not might depend on things you haven’t mentioned.

No difference I imagine, except for the extra carbon emissions that those extra 5 rows of pixels will result in. So they’ll essentially be reducing the lifespans of the planet for the amusement of rich folks. Cool (but really greenhouse hot).

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You’re only talking about 1 and 4 pixels. Shave em off.
I only yesterday found out about NFTs. What a scam…
Good luck with that.

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wow! That’s good to know.

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