How graphic design influences culture?

Hello everyone!
Please tell how graphic design influences culture?

There are small influences regarding public recognition and expectations for certain styles of design. I suppose successful graphic design is also instrumental in promoting certain brands that gain a foothold in popular culture. There are likely others, but they’re not readily coming to mind.

However, I think you’ve largely gotten your question backwards. I think culture influences design more than design influences culture. In many ways, graphic design is a reflection of popular culture — not a driver. This is partly because graphic designers typically try to create work that resonates with society without getting too far ahead of it.

The big, huge exception possibly being in developing countries, like your own — Bangladesh, right? In many parts of the world, western culture is intruding upon indigenous cultures. One of the first and most visible indicators of that influence are commercial products and the visual branding that accompanies it. A good example of this is the random street scene I just grabbed from Google Street Views. It’s a road in Dhaka, Bangladesh. There’s hardly any Bengali Script to be seen anywhere — it’s all advertising in Latin (western) typography.

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@Just-B This is realted to this.

Well, it changed the world.

I thought I’d give the benefit of the doubt to the person asking the question. Whether or not it’s coming from a student working on an assignment, it’s still a good, thought-provoking question. This and the other topic might not have been written in the most articulate way, but I’m guessing a language barrier is at fault.

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I thought maybe you streetviewed their IP.

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