How I deal new person?

Hello everyone,
I am a graphic designer. I make videos of animation and doing a job at Ideas Animation now I want to start my own work but I have a communication issue that how I deal with new clients? So share an experience you had in dealing with a difficult person and how you handled the situation.

That is a bit too open-ended. It would help if you can be a bit more specific. Is the issue you are having an industry-specific thing that someone else may be able to help with their personal experience?

Are you asking about how to communicate with new clients?

As it stands, that sounds like an out-of-the-box interview question.

It might help if you give us an example of the communication problems that you’ve had. Do you have problems communicating with people in general, or is it something more specific?

Perhaps you’re referring to something else, but here’s a communication issue I’ve been stumbling over. During the past year, almost all my client relationships were handled remotely.

This came about suddenly after many years of meeting with clients in person. These in-person meetings provided a setting to talk over problems, get to know each other, explore solutions, and develop mutual understandings of the issues.

With remote work, these valuable conversations don’t happen. Zoom calls are always a little awkward and unnatural. Phone conversations are OK, but all the subtle and nuanced non-verbal aspects of an in-person conversation are lost. Email lacks back-and-forth spontaneity — like a stop-and-go, slow-motion conversation.

Consequently, I’ve wasted considerable time on redos and misunderstandings that previously wouldn’t have happened.

Like everything else, it improves with experience. The more you do it, the better (or worse, occasionally) you become. The trick is to learn from your mistakes.

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