How many of you interested in flat designs?

Hi every one, I’ m trying flat designs logo so I help from you
looking forward for your reply…

Im interested in solving my clients communication problems. If that means flat design, so be it. Maybe it does. Maybe it doesn’t.

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Like Steve, I’m interested in doing whatever works to solve the problem in front of me.

As for flat logos, almost all well-designed, practical and broadly usable logos start out as flat, or as I would rather put it, simple, clean and easy to reproduce. If a logo needs some bling for various reasons, that’s fine too, but there aren’t many instances where a client can adequately get by using a logo that only works with that bling and can’t be reduced down to a simple shape.

Welcome to GDF iqrajadoon123,

Flat is nice. It depends on the use.

Agreed on the logo comments Steve_O and Just-B mentioned. Flat , recognizable, distinguishable first… Then glitz if needed :smiley:


Thanks alot LineDetail

“Flat Design” I think, is considered an actual style.
Sort of a 1-point perspective type of look where everything is reduced to its most minimal form.
I’m not a fan of it when it is used in its most cartoon effect with flat, blocky humans and no sense of depth.

Usually any initial logo lockup is made as a flat design as others have noted. But even there, the “usual” rule is sometime broken to great effect. Certain allowances have to be made when breaking the flat rule.

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