How much to charge for a WIX website?

Hey guys, I’m a graphic designer and Im planning to explore on making websites for clients. The only knowledge I have now is making website using WIX templates (without all the HTML CSS coding stuff) and customising with my own design skills and knowledge of using WIX.

My client is asking for a website for her online store selling clothing - which will include checkouts and purchases online. She’s developing a small online business and has no knowledge on websites or designs.

As Im still new in web design, do you guys have any suggestions on how I should charge this project? Would it be better to charge with rates per hour, or a package price as an overall? Thank you !! :smiley:

Do yourself a favour and outsource it to a proper web designer. You’ll be best serving your client altogether. Find someone you can work with, you can supply layout/graphics etc. and the web developer will build a better website.

What you do is get a price for the project from a web developer, and ask for a Trade Price from them. They will accommodate you.

You then get the website price cheaper - and you add your markup to the client.
Ususally if its under 1000 I put in a 25% markup. If it’s 5000, 20%. 10000 10% or anything above that 7% or mega money then it’s 5%.

What happens here is that you get paid, the developer gets paid, and the client gets the website at a cheaper price than if they had gone directly to the Web Developer for a one off site.

You get a cheaper rate from the web developer because you’ll bring more business. This is common Trade practice (at least for me). I also do this with print.

You get paid from the commission of the website, and you also get to charge for other things like the design of elements, buttons, graphics, icons, layouts etc.

Forget about WIX - you are cheating your client and it’s a disservice.


^^This. You are not a Web Designer. You are a Graphic Designer. :slight_smile:

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This guy knows how to business. :grinning:


I always assess the customer needs vs my own abilities. If I can’t do the job because of lack of ability, I’ll find someone who can do it, better than me, and better for the customer. They come to me for solutions, and I provide them.

Business is tricky, but around my parts, trades help trades. I’ve had web designers ask me to design print material for their clients. It’s good to stick to what you know and who you know. Forge relationships.


Thank you for the insight :slight_smile: I will definitely look for a web developer to create the website and collaborate with my designs. That is a better solution.

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