How or where to create/write design license?

Hello guys, so i planned to create illustration or design asset to sell, but i don’t know where or how to write the license to explain how the user may use my design. Is there any site that generate or give some template for licensing a design or illustration?
i’ve been searching on youtube and the internet but didn’t find anything T.T
Thank you guys, sorry for my bad english

oh, i also upload this example of license


Firstly, hi and welcome. I am afraid, though, you many not find my welcome all that warm.

If you want it to look like a serious, binding legal document, why does it look like a menu from a child’s all-you-can-eat buffet?

The very first line reads, ‘xxxxxx believes in simplicity’. Apparently not!

Of course, I cannot attest to your ability and skill level, as I haven’t seen any examples of your clip art, but I can hazard a guess, based on the Terms of Use.

You have to ask yourself, does the world need more low-brow clip-art? Are you qualified, and/or skilled enough to produce good quality illustration?

Harsh, I know, but there is so much bandwaggoneering going on out there with so many unqualified, uneducated, untalented people jumping on board who have no idea what they are doing. They think it’s a cool, easy way to make a living, that the chances of you making a living are fairly slim.

If you are skilled, why are you making clipart?

I may have to eat my words if you are brilliantly talented, but I would advise, strongly, not to enter the swamp as a bottom-feeder. There’s not exactly rich pickings down there. Buy a boat and learn how to fish.

As to the licence, there are loads out there. Pick the most appropriate and then get a lawyer to go over it for you. Can’t imagine it would be that expensive. Alternatively find a lawyer to draft one to suit you. But before you go to any sort of expense, be sure your product has a market.

A good thing to do would be to post examples here for critique. There are a lot of experienced designers hanging around here who will give you honest, fair opinions. They may not always be palatable, but they will be honest and with knowledge and experience to back them up.

The answer to this is so simple.
Look at the license for any major stock site. They are about 8 pages long and full of wonderful legaleze, which, if anyone really read it, no one would ever purchase stock art (I particularly like the indemnity clauses, LOL!)

I didn’t even look at your posted attempt. All I want is a bullet list. Uses allowed, uses not allowed. And terms of use (how long, how many, how exclusive) and a price tag.

All that said, do you think you can compete with an existing stock company? Or are you offering services as an illustrator doing custom work? Granted you could put your work onto an existing stock site and let them handle all the licensing for you, but the stock arena is so glutted, you would be making only pennies on the dollar. You might be making less than that on your own. There isn’t a lot of call of custom clip art. There’s barely any call for custom illustration any more.

Bonne chance!

Ha, in a bored minute I read through your ‘license’
Credit back to you? With your logo? Yeah, not happening. Not for clip art.
You might want to add that the clip art can’t be used as any part of a logo.
Bonne chance!

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