How should a commercial logo look like?

Hi guys. I hope you are having a good time.
I working withe a client now for a logo for his Chinese food restaurant. I told him how do you want to feel when see your logo? He told me classy but also commercial. Do you have any idea about how should a commercial logo look like. Is it for attract more people or what?

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Do you know what a not commercial logo look like?


actually no. Can you tell me about it?

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Classy yet cheap, hmmm… how about a fancy fortune cookie made out of gold for an icon.


Actually he told me to make it a Chinese food cartoon box surrounded by the name as a circle. What do you think?

I think that would be the opposite of classy. It’s impossible to know what clients mean when they use words like classy, beautiful, commercial or modern.

Sometimes it’s a good idea to put together a mood board.

In your situation, the mood board would involve doing some Google image searches for Chinese restaurant logos. After finding a good number of representative samples in several different styles, put them all on a Pinterest page. Then ask the client to pick the five or six he or she likes the best and would be most appropriate for the restaurant.

This provides a good idea of the kind of thing a client is looking for. It also saves a bunch of time in deciding what ideas to explore and not explore. If, for example, in your situation, the client picked five logos with circles of type around take-out containers, pandas or chop sticks, well, you’d know that’s what you’re up against.


What logo look like do you know?

thanks I’ll do that. That was so helpful

Commercial logo should be look like professional where people can easily understand what is actually logo about. For restaurant there text can be add in a various way for example with food, which is go with restaurant business.


thank you so much

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