How to animate an image

Hi Everyone,

I’m interested in animating a custom fortune wheel. I’ve tried some apps and website for this project but I’m not able to save and use only allows to share within the app or website.

How can I animate a wheel to spin?

Quickly and easily. Thanks!

Try Adobe Animate and/or After Effects.

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Hi Thank you for your suggestions.

Any other choices as I don’t have much time to learn how to isolate or select just part of the image to create the spinning effect.


Pay someone to do it for you? That’s the quickest and easiest


Can’t imagine any animation software that wont require elements to be animated to be isolated elements. That is al pretty basic stuff. If this is beyond your skill set, then Pluto is correct, you will likely need to pay someone who can.

reminded me of this

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True, I want it fast good and cheap.

Anyone offer this type of service?


Sure. I can give you Fast, Good, and Cheap.

Minimum fee is 6,733 dollars. In cash, first.


If you look at that venn diagram again, you’ll notice the three qualities don’t intersect.
IOW, pick two.

Well that sounds excessive. So I figured out hot to make it in PowerPoint but now I’m not able to share it.

Doesn’t export as a MP4 and the PDF version doesn’t play either once I export it.

Any clue how to export it. I have th r latest version of PowerPoint.

It says here the latest version exports to MP4.

Thank you for your help.

Greatly appreciate it!

Upload your desired image or videos and get select animation tool which you want and make it animated, there are many online free website for making animation or else you could try apps such as

  1. Stop motion
  2. Flipaclip