How to Automatically Substitute Glyph in Illustrator?

Hi all,

I’m using a beautiful font that I love, but the only downside is sloping sides of the capital M. However, there’s an alternate glyph with straight up and down sides. How can I tell Illustrator or the font to automatically use the alternate M instead of the default? It’s way too tedious and time-consuming to highlight and click it every single time. I hope there’s a way.

Thanks in advance!

Odd, I would have figured find and replace would do it, but Illustrator’s find and replace is horrible compared to InDesign.

You can always use a free or open source font editor, like FontForge, to open the font and swap the glyph outlines before saving it back to an .otf or .ttf. Keep in mind that the font’s licensing agreement may not permit this.

Personally, I find just about everything about setting type in Illustrator horrible compared to InDesign. Setting several bits of display type is one thing, but anything in which it would be:

. . . is much better done in InDesign.

In a few cases where I wanted the final product to be an Illustrator file, but needed some fully-justified “body” type, I set the paragraphs in InDesign, exported to PDF and Placed the PDF in Illustrator. I got much better control of justification, etc., than is possible in Illustrator, and the whole thing worked just fine.

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