How to build a freelance Graphic Design career?

I am a self-taught Graphic designer and I have acquired this skill over a long period of time. Now I want to build a graphic design career for myself. I want to start with freelancing, I have heard there are some websites where you can work on graphic design tasks and get paid.
I want to know about those websites. I was able to find this guide through web search but these websites are contest based. I want to find regular work with definite payments. Please help.

There are websites out there where you can bid on work; off the top of my head, I can’t think of the names of any of them. They are not crowd sourcing type competition websites, but you will be competing against hundreds of other designers for what is probably a low paying job. I don’t know anyone who makes a good living off of such sites.

Check out Upwork. It used to be elance. You create a profile and set your rates. You can state that they are per project or hourly. I have some colleagues who make good money on Upwork and have used it to increase their visibility as a freelancer or business.

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