How to change the photo shape?

I am trying to make a business card.

I want to make this three photos:
Two in triangle shape and one in the form of a “kicked rectangle”


How can I change shape of this photos?
I am not professional, I need free and as simple as possible solution.

What software are you using?

I tried us “befunky” to change the shape of the photos.

In most page layout programs the photo is cropped by the shape of the picture box.

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I use canva to make a business card but I don’t see this option.

Canva isn’t a page layout program, although (like PhotoShop) it can be used as one. This is an example of why you shouldn’t.

You may have to crop the separate pics in Canva with a transparent background and then assemble the Business Card in a new Canva document.

Let’s see. You are going to catch fish, use the angle grinder to de-scale them, and then fry them in the pans. Am I close?

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Thank You very much


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