How to check the plagiarism?

Hey all I want to know how to check the plagiarism work of Graphics Designing? Also, will my work be shown publicly online on the websites which I have check plagiarism of graphics designs?

Care to elaborate? Other people ripping you off, or the other way around? Or just random checking?

Are you wanting to check if something you do is similar to something else, not necessarily plagiarism but so close someone might accuse of that?
And are you asking if the work you check is stored on the checking website?

I am creating a portfolio of graphics designing. I have read several articles on the internet which states that graphics designer take inspiration from the internet. Now I have created some logos which by taking the inspiration from the internet I want to check whether I inspired the logos properly, or they are still copied content.

You can use reverse image searches. states they do not save uploaded images to be searched.
Google images doesn’t say anything about what they do with uploaded images to be searched.
Tineye doesn’t often deliver as thorough a search as Google Images.

“graphics designing”?

Assume EASL

You could very well be right. I take it back.

I didn’t hear about how to check the plagiarism work of Graphics Designing, but it is a good idea that we need to do this.

I don’t know how but some graphics designing studios able to identify that the work is original or not. Maybe there might be some tool which able to identified work. Just like in academics world there is the tool/platform Turnitin which able to check written work on its database than gives result how much is copy from the internet. Same might be possible in graphics industry there might be service like this which give the result that how much work is similar to the internet work.

Ah, to steal from one is plagarism, to steal from many is research!

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So, In Graphics context if we’re copying many logos and creating new one is inspiration (research)?

I guess so!


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