How to choose best graphic designing institution

I want to do Graphic designing course but i am confused where to do.

I have a feeling this is spam, but I’ll throw in my two cents in case it isn’t.

Go to a school where they teach you how to design. By that I mean they teach you the fundamentals and art of design — not just how to use software.

Go to a school that has a reverence for typography.

Go to a school that you can afford to pay cash for or that you can work your way through and pay as you go. Do not go into debt for a degree in graphic design.

What does all of this look like? That’s up to you. It could be a local community college. The CC close to me actually has an excellent design program. It could be a four year university. Or, if you have deep pockets, it could be some place like School of Visual Arts, Rhode Island School of Design or Savannah College of Art and Design.

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Wow. That would kinda depend on where you are located. Like what country to start with.
The best courses for Graphic Desing (no “ing”) would be an in-person university setting where you can interact with professors and other students.

Find a school that requires a portfolio review to enter and to graduate.
Find a school that requires and supplies at least one semester of on-the-job internship.
There are a lot of other things to look for, but I’ll save that for later.

Thank you, PD!

@Steve_O gave you great advice, and honestly, I don’t think there’s a better way to learn graphic design or to prepare oneself for the job market than by following his advice.

However, that might not be especially practical advice for where you live, which you didn’t mention, and which @PrintDriver brought up.

Your IP address points to India, and I don’t think most people here can give you a whole lot of advice on the most practical way to get a design education in India or what the employment opportunities might be once you’ve gotten it.

Even so, my best advise is for you to seek out a professional program along the lines of what Steve_O suggested — not just an internet course of some kind in how to do this or that or use a particular piece of software.

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Did you notice the totally unintentional Freudian slip?
I just did now and can’t fix it, LOL!


Hee hee – I noticed that. Don’t worry, I won’t tell.

Before joining any one institute, you will have to know about institute online such as feedback of reviews, ask from existed students and so on.

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