How to convert a pdf to an editable image

Hello, good day, I tried converting the image to OCR and it didn’t work. Even by converting it to pdf, I was able to edit some words. How can I do it? thank you

Open it in illustrator. Affinity Publisher does a pretty good job of cracking pdfs. Even more obviously, you can edit them from within the full version of acrobat, not reader.

Hope this helps.

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There are different types of PDFs. If the type in the PDF remains live, there are ways to edit it. If the type has been flattened into an image, it’s not doable.

Even if the type is flattened into the image, you can use an OCR tool to convert the images of the text into workable characters that you can use to recreate another PDF or a Word file or whatever else, if that’s what you want to do.

However, you haven’t told us what software you’re using, what software you have, or whether you have any experience with these tools. We could give you a better answer if you explained things in a little more detail. If you’re a graphic designer, I’d answer your question one way. If you’re not, I’d probably answer it another since there would be terms and tools that are likely unfamiliar to you.

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You need to edit the PDF in Acrobat Pro. PDF Reader is a cut down version with limited capabilities.

Failing that you can extract the text using the text tool > Copy/Paste and you can extract the images in PhotoShop using the Images option instead of the Pages option when you open it. Then you nee to rebuild the layout but you can edit whatever you want.

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If worse comes to worse, use this:

I’d go for Acrobat Pro at a minimum. Opening in Illustrator can be fraught with dangers, most often the not-having-the-font thing and having everything revert to a default font. Also transparency atomic areas can turn fonts to outline in some areas of the design too. Or if something stupid was done to a file containing transparency, like saving it as a .eps before creating the pdf, then it could be all sliced up like a jigsaw puzzle.

Why don’t you try out sejda to edit the document…

I don’t use Adobe products anymore, but I’ve had success transferring from PDF to MS Word

MS Word is the devil’s spawn!


Ha, ha! :rofl: You got that right. It still works for us Seniors though. I have Affinity apps and they certainly work for me!

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