How to convert low quality image to high quality in photoshop

Here’s a way to convert low quality image to high quality easily with photoshop :smiley:

I just watched it.

It had absolutely nothing to do with converting the preview image with the moiré pattern to something better. It was just a screen motion capture of some basic photo retouching unique to that particular image. And the end result is hardly “high quality.” You’ve just upped the resolution, run some filters, stretched him horizontally, done some basic dodging and burning and made the guy look like he’s molded out of plastic.


the first image was 400400 if you changed the dimenations to 40004000 without these steps the resolution would be realy bad , the first step was the most important one (changing image size )
anyway thanks for your opinion

I agree. I am not seeing an improvement. Not to mention the screen view is 13-15%. When you view at 100% it looks like shite. I shudder to imagine it printed.

If your process produces a result your client can live with (and it outputs correctly) I suppose anything goes.

Every once in a while someone comes along who thinks they’ve figured out the answer to interpolating an image to a larger size using the existing algorithms of photoshop (or some other image stretcher software out there someone is trying to charge money for.)
Photoshop either cuts pixels into smaller pieces without changing anything or it “guesses” what color those new pixels should be (depending on if you turn on anti-aliasing.)

The only thing that I’ve seen that produces a modicum of acceptable result is outputting to LVT at max and then drumscanning. I tried this for one job many years ago, but we started with a 35mm slow speed transparency that had been drum scanned at max to begin with to get maximum ppi for conversion. But even that had to be blurred and the viewing distance considered. And good luck finding that kind of equipment these days. Anyone who still has a color chrome collection should really consider digitizing it relatively soon.

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If we could only figure out how to add additional detail into photos that isn’t in the original, in a Blade Runner sort of way, we’d have no need for telescopes or microscopes.

We could just head outdoors with a camera, shoot a photo of, say, the moon, then just keep enlarging, upsampling, interpolating and enhancing the thing until we could see individual grains of lunar sand.

Invent that software, and we’d make billions of dollars, plus win the Nobel Prize in physics.

I’m just waiting for Photoshop CSI to be released to the public.


I don’t know for sure, but I think Blade Runner’s enhancing technology is even more sophisticated than the CSI stuff. It seems to be able to fill in missing details from behind objects that aren’t even visible in the original shot. Oddly enough, though, at the end it can only print out an old-fashioned Polaroid.


These things always make me laugh … ahhh good times :smiley: :smiley:


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