How to create a figure exactly ,easured with PAINT?

Hello. I am learning simple microsoft Paint. Could you let me know how to do a triangle with very exact measures in mm? if it can´t be done with Paint, which other free software could I use? Thank you.

Before we make a recommendation, can you tell us what the final project is for? A print design? Something digital? Your answer would change my recommendation.

Hello SufPark. Thank you for your reply. The idea is a simple one: is for a print design. First I would design the triangle with very precise proportions. Then I would print it at a large, increased scale. Thanks

First off, you are not going to be able to draw a triangle with bitmap software and then blow it up large, unless the resolution is really high to start with. The end result will be very low quality and highly pixelated.

What you need is a vector programme like Illustrator or Affinity. These are paid software. I’m not sure about free ones. Usually speaking though, free comes at a cost. Freebies will likely not be set up to handle the demands of print. I may be wrong and someone here know of one that does, but I suspect you may even be pushed to find a freebie that saves out in CMYK.

Also; I’m not intending to sound rude here, it sounds to me as though there is a bit of a learning curve needed too. Id suggest reading up about the difference between vector and pixel-based, bitmap images and moreover about print processes and what it required when sending files to print, in terms of required formats.

Those two functions are precisely what you can’t do with Paint.

Google “free vector editor”.

I agree with @sprout and @HotButton. You’ll need software other than Microsoft Paint to accomplish this task. One of the main issues is that Paint doesn’t have the ability to properly measure the dimensions of your work. Nor does it have the ability to keep a high resolution when you blow up the project.

You’ll need vector editing software to accomplish this task for print. You can try Adobe Illustrator (free trial) or Inkscape to start. There are also many others available.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:
Which is the simplest of them, SurfPark? Thanks again :slight_smile:

(I am the member -designer- but my first account seems not to work at this moment)-

Adobe Illustrator is the industry standard and probably the best. Inkscape is free, but very similar. Both can save to EPS file format, which is what you’ll want.

As far as the learning curve, I consider them about the same amount of time investment. One isn’t significantly easier than the other. For cost alone, I’d start with Inkscape.

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