How to Create Animated Movie

Hi Everyone, I’m Darshan Hiranandani, I’m eager to dive into creating an animated movie, and I’d love to hear your suggestions on how to get started!

Darshan Hiranandani

If only it were as easy as a one line answer. Do you mean flat / cartoon animation? CGI / 3D animation, it’s a pretty big and fairly complicated field, All possible with the requisite talent, but it will be a steep learning curve if you are starting from scratch. If you can be more specific about the kind of things you want to do, there may be someone here to give you a few pointers.

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Hey, go all out.
Here’s what Disney Pixar uses.

They even have a non-commercial version.
And a whole slew of tutorials.
You’ll be making the next Toy Story in no time!*

*but be sure your computer has the power to do it
System specs bottom of the scroll:

(If I were 40 years younger…sigh…)

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