How to create catalogue for free?

Hey everyone,

I want to ask you if somebody can tell me where I can create catalogue .

Is it possible to create for free?

Thank you for any help.


Where there are online print on demand templates. It’s impossible to guide you to a correct solution for your needs.

A quick google search brought me to this: Free Online Catalog Maker. Create a Catalog Online - Flipsnack

However, I don’t know if it’s good/bad/ugly. I just found it.

I wouldn’t know either really, as I build all my templates custom built for clients, using professional grade software.

I guess my clients value the work, and the personal touch in the catalog as it drives customers to them - so it’s worth it.

One catalog I do is quite complex and has over 1,000,000 products to be updated each year and takes a team about a 6 months to complete.

Another catalog I do for a travel company is XML driven, we compiled software so that the company can input the data into the fields for holiday destinations, they publish it online, and at the same time it populates the InDesign templates and produces PDFs of the page for the travel brochure.

This way they can up date the website adhoc throughout the year, and quarterly output of the travel catalog for print. This entire process is automated and managed on a CMS specially built for the client.

When you say catalog - I don’t know what you mean, there are many variants, some complex, some more complex than others, and others that are different complexities.

Can you elaborate on your project?

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There’s a cost to everything. Either you’ll pay for it up front by hiring a professional graphic designer or pay for it in the end with time wasted, frustration, files that a commercial printer may reject or won’t print properly, a catalog that looks unprofessional, crappy photos, a catalog that does a poor job representing your product, and lost sales because you look amateurish compared to your competition that actually cares enough about their product to have a catalog professionally produced.




Are you serious?

It’s a bit like going to a forum full of dentists and asking if they know where a free root canal kit can be found.


Hey - a root canal isn’t as painful!

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Anyone know someone who can build my house for free?

Thank you all for any help.

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Yeah, I got a nice set of Lincoln Logs you can borrow.

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Thanks. I’ll pass it on to the OP.

Great information, thank you for sharing it.

I think you hit the nail on the head with this one, PrintDriver.


You could try YouTube for DIY dentistry: "First you’ll need a powerdrill… :tooth: :hammer_and_wrench: "

I usually am quite happy to do this kind of things for free, as long as this person gives me a lot of money.

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