How to create effect in coral draw?


I think this would be the sunrise image with red-yellow gradient. I tried to create it with Gradient Mesh tool in coral draw, but I failed. Please help me to figure out that how to create this? or rather, can we get the Image like this?

I can think of ways to do it in Adobe Illustrator, but like most here, I’ve never used CorelDRAW. Maybe someone else will have better advice.

ok software is not an issue I am open to illustrator also, kindly give your suggesstion

you Should go to “Drop Shadow Tool”, put light blue color on the shadow and drag it on top of the “i”. Break the shadow by pressing “Ctrl + K” and put it inside the “i” using Effect > PowerClip > Place inside container. Okay similar to the “L”, create the water effect on the “i” make sure you follow the flow of the shape.

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