How to create flyer like this?

Your question is so broad that it’s unanswerable.

why? there is nothing appealing about this, maybe the background?
i would need to drink some whiskey if that guy ever came to our town.
i guess that is why Johnny walker is sponsoring this event!

With photoshop :laughing:

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and alot of whiskey!
this image still gives me the creeps!

Hire a professional designer.

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At a glance, I can see at least 4 different effects (colorized image, neon lettering, and mesh warping for the background) that are used, but there are likely more. I would start by checking out a few of these tutorials and become familiar with how effects work individually before you start to create a composition that uses several at once.

If I were tasked with creating something like this, I’d do the work in Photoshop, start with a background image similar to this (that’s just an example, feel free to search for something that you like), and then use lots of layers and effects to achieve the finished look. Make sure to use smart objects and vector smart objects to keep things as editable and scalable as possible.

First you need to learn to cut the person from background in the photo you’ll be using .Particular difficult on the hair.

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