How to create standard email signature?

How to create a standard email signature for the corporate office so that anyone can edit and use it with their name?
I created some designs in photoshop, but when I paste that design in Gmail signature it shows me the message “Signature is too large”.

Typically you want the email signature to be such that you can copy and paste from it, whether it’s a phone number or a other thing.

A signature is pretty simple in Gmail.

And if you need to add the company logo - go with a Jpeg that is sized to the exact PX size you want it at 72 ppi.

Thank for the reply, but we already designed one signature in photoshop which we want to incorporate in the Gmail signature .

The size limit of a Gmail signature is 200px wide x 80px high. That’s image(s) and text combined. Keep trying if you like, but an 80px height is already too small, and that’s only allowed if there’s no live text. You mentioned user-editable, so presumably you also plan to have at least one line of live text.

Just my opinion, but if Gmail’s limits are intentionally prohibitive of image inclusion, it’s a good decision on their part, since an email signature with an image is a terrible idea, especially when the service is web based.

The fun part about Photoshop sigs? Our email software strips them out as “images” which can take time to load and quite possibly contain viruses. Whatever you put in them shows up as a blank image block in our email, viewed only with extra work on my part to click a button to download it.
Trust me, I don’t care that much.

This precisely the reason not to use images as a signature.
Most email systems don’t display them anyway.
And some IT systems are programmed to strip them out.

Text is your best bet.
Followed by an image using Alt Text.

A email signature is for the recipients, not you. Live text enables them to quickly read and copy your name, address, phone number and whatever else you place into it. It benefits you by making it easy for them to do so.

It seems you’re thinking in terms of what you personally want rather than what would work best. As has been mentioned, email clients and systems are often set up to not display images. Even in those instances where images show up, why would you want to make it difficult for recipients to copy and paste the information? Just about the last thing, I’m inclined to do is carefully read an image signature then hand type it into an address book while bouncing back and forth between the two to make sure I got it right.

If I can’t see it because the image isn’t there or I can’t copy it because it’s not live text, the chances are I just won’t bother.

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Agree. This would also be a complete nightmare for a large business where staff are cycling in and out and new signatures would constantly be required.

Thank you everyone for taking your precious time to solve my query. The problem has been solved I used text and image.


Totaly agree with you

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