How to create these type of effect?

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I’d say by hand.

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They’re just geometrical triangles or shapes
Similar to doing this

You can get premade geometric patterns

Then it’s about colouring the objects and combining the shape overlays for the colour.

Take a few lessons in Illustrator or another software similar to Illustrator.

Affinity Designer
Corel Draw
Corel Vector
Vector Styler

You can get a free 1 months trial for LinkedIn Learning and there are plenty of software courses to choose from.

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Thank you i will try these

I was also thinking this but hand-drawn will take to much time I think. so I thought may be any effect can work like this as client ask to complete in 4 5 hoursPreformatted text

Try searching for “mosaic design effect” or “stained glass window design effect.”

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this should be doable easily by a pro
for example in Affinity Designer or Illustrator

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But i am not pro :stuck_out_tongue: