How to create this drop shadow effect?

Greetings, first of all I am completely new to this forum and have no idea of graphic design at all. Just a very preliminar knowledge on Photoshop and Canva.

Does anyone know any free app or webpage similar to Canva that allows the creation of drop shadows? Canva does not have that feature. You can only duplicate an image and then add transparency+darkness to create a similar effect, but it is just not the same.

I know you can just download a dropshadow image with transparent background and then put it to the background to create such effect, but that takes more time. I usually have to export about… 84-100 images/videos with that effect, and trying to put the downlaoded dropshadow image to the background takes more time. I’m looking for an App or WebPage that includes that feature as a generator or so.

I’d also like to export videos with that dropshadow, so if you know any app that also allows you to do that, then perfect.

If you are doing work in that quantity, why don’t you invest in some quality tools to do the work?
Illustrator or Photoshop can do that effect. As for video, depends on how involved the video. Photoshop can handle small MP4s (though as a beginner, I find the interface a bit difficult to work with. But it’s do-able.

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