How to create this kind of design?

I’d like to create this kind of artwork but I don’t know where to start.
Do you think this is created from scratch with brushes in Photoshop or some kind of effect is applied over a picture?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you

could be a photograph from a camera due to the shadows and the trees were painted on the wall. anything is possible in PS depending on how much work and technique someone puts into the image.

They are not painted on the wall, they are stickers.

i guess i was barking up the wrong tree!
best i can do!

If you knew that, perhaps the owner could shed light on that.

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If that would be an option, I would have used it. :slight_smile:

I’m reasonably sure the illustrations didn’t begin as photos. I’d need to see them up close, but I’m guessing the originals were either painted by hand, then scanned and reworked in Photoshop or, perhaps, originally drawn in Photoshop using various brushes.

Looky that.

Says right in the title they were originally watercolors. Though I’m sure touched up in Photoshop. If the watercolors were done on standard paper, scanning would have revealed an enlarged paper “tooth” texture that may have had white voids.

An aside, I hate the word “stickers” for this kind of thing.

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Well, in this case, first thing I’d do is to find a print supplier, then work my way backwards.

What word would you use instead of stickers?

I am the print supplier. :slight_smile:

Thanks for clarifying that part. Assuming the print end is not a problem, seems to me hiring an illustrator is the easy part, or are there things that I need to know?

There are any number of ways to create this kind of art and there are a number of ways to get it into digital form.
But there is really no easy button.
This thing says it was a watercolor. If that’s how it started, it was either scanned or photographed with a scanback camera to get the resolution needed to go large (which, as you know, isn’t as much as some people might think) then probably cleaned up in Photoshop.
Or it was done entirely as a “watercolor” in Photoshop.
But it isn’t a filter.

SAV Wall graphics
Custom Vinyl Wall graphics
Die cut wall graphics
at worst Vinyl Wall Decals…
Stickers are thing you lick and stick in a coloring book (or more like peel and stick these days. I’m old.) Ranks right down there on the scale with Cracker Jack toys (which is why I don’t understand the fascination with flip lenticulars.)

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