How to create this pattern

I am trying to create a image like this, where as i have achieved the level of diagnol images along with their shadows.
But as i have shown arrow on the White bar
Can anyone help me with instructions on how i can achieve this level of neatness and design through photoshop or illustrator?

As far as i can think, this is some sort of solid colour with different appearance, opacity and then with a blurred effect, so that every image has a background that is corresponding to the front colours as well, like if bkg colour is brown the bar colour goes brown too…

It would be great if anyone can help me with the bar thing.

Looks like a pretty simply blur effect. You could apply it to a smart object in Photoshop and then mask it to that angled shape.

Similar to what @CraigB said, I’d use InDesign and Photoshop on this. I’d create the shapes in InDesign where the photos should go, then import the photos into those boxes. I’d apply an inner shadow effect from within InDesign.

Next, I’d create and position separate boxes for the horizontal band into which, I’d import gaussian blurred copies of the cropped duplicate photos.

The bottom black bar appears to be just a black bar with the opacity cut back to 85 or 90 percent, which lets hints of the photos show through.

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