How to create this symbol using simple shapes only in Illustrator?

Here’s the image. It was created by George Bokhua.

Yikes. That’s a tough one.

My first though would be to create one “shape” out of the lines and use the appearance panel to rotate the shape.

It also looks like there is a gradient applied to give the “shapes” a fading effect.

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The center of that mark looks like the center of a Venn Diagram which could have been formed by three very minimalist overlapping parabolas …with some bits removed.

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Use Illustrator’s Appearance Palette!



Using The Transform effects in Illustrator’s Appearance Palette

Now, you may also have noticed I grouped the triangle with a circle that had no fill or shape. And that’s because triangles by themselves have a centerpoint that is not “truly” centered when you’re rotating it. The circle fixed that.

Also, I created more copies of the triangle than the original sample, but that’s easy enough. You can play with the scaling, copies, rotation, etc. to get exactly what you’re looking for.


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