How to create this "Twist" effect?

Can anyone please help?

I’m looking to design a “twist” effect for a lanyard design, where colour 1 “twists” into colour 2. Is this possible in Photoshop?

My background is in photography, not graphic design: I’ve had a dabble using the warp tool, but can’t get anything like this. I’m not quite sure at all how to draw the requisit curves. Even a line drawing would help, allowing me to make the requisite selections.

Thanks in advance…

This is in Illustrator. I know you can make bezier curves in Photoshop, but in illustrator you can add a box behind these curves that match the height, and then use the divide feature in pathfinder to make each part it’s own shape to add a unique color fill.

To make the curve, drag the handle out from the top and bottom points so that they “meet” in the halfway point in the middle. You can use guides to make sure they match.

That’s just the effect I’m after, many thanks indeed. I do have Illustrator CS4 on my old deskop, which I’ve never used, so will have a go later and see how I fare!

Sure. So, just to clarify. I made one line (the one highlighted.) And then I used the reflect tool to flip it and duplicate it. Then, as I mentioned, if you make a rectangle that is the same height and width of both lines, you can then use the “divide” button in the pathfinder tool window, which will create separate shapes that you can color in as needed. See below.

Fantastic - really appreciate your help on this!

No worries.

The person printing the lanyard takes photoshop files?
Just something to check. If the lanyard is dye sub, probably. If screen printed, maybe not so much.

I will check, thanks.

Try playing around with making it a blending path as well and you can create this effect which might help with blending colors… the top is smooth color and the second is set steps.

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