How to create this type of design?

Hey folks, I wish to know how can I create exact same pattern design in Adobe Illustrator. I know we can trace it, but it is a time taking process, surely there might be a simple way to create the pattern. If you guys know, do suggest me, thanks.


There are really only 3 - 5 different elements there, all derivative of each other. Could have easily been done in the time since you posted, and you’d have a chance to fix all that’s wrong with it.

I (kind of) get the impulse always to look for the fastest way, but high quality work often takes time, and just as often, it’s done sooner if you just get it underway, rather than waste time looking for a shortcut.


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There isn’t. There is no tool that can automatically recreate what you’ve posted. Autotracing the designs in Illustrator is an option, but the results will be terrible. If something similar rather than something exact will do, both Shutterstock and iStock have hundreds of variations of these kinds of borders for sale. Search for border flourishes.

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