How to Create this Types of Abstract background

How Can I make this kind of Background?
Can you help me? Is there any tutorial online?


Hang a bedsheet to the wall, loose at the top, tight on the sides and give it a scrunch?

Or maybe this was the first tutorial I could find.

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or this

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Thank you so much. I’ll try

Do you specifically need to generate an original background yourself? If not, these sort of abstract backgrounds are readily available on sites like iStockphoto or Shutterstock.

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yes, i want to learn and create this types of background by myself

A lot of the backgrounds like that use Illustrator’s gradient mesh tool. I’d suggest you get very familiar and comfortable with that.

Illustrator’s gradient mesh tool can cause issues with file size that can possibly choke a rip. It hasn’t happened in a while but we have had to flatten them to raster in the past.
Could be it’s a function of size too. We do BIG print things.
Most of the “fabric” looks we get these days are done in photoshop.

No reflection on the OP; it’s admirable to say “I want to learn,” but there is no easy button to get that kind of background. In most cases, an artist who can hatch such a vision is also able to devise a combination of methods to achieve it. I used to make such non-descript background textures starting with a fractal generator, usually zooming way in on part of the result, then re-coloring, blurring, sharpening, embellishing, applying blend modes, etc.

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