How to create this?

Hey, I want to know is there any particular tutorials which teach us of how to create this stuff below? Often time we know the software we do not know can these type of things can be created in software or not. Reference image of which I am talking about:

That’s an isometric illustration. Software will only get you so far, but this could be done in lots of different programs. This particular example was not done in 3D or vector. Probably a sketch program of some kind.

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I know a guy who does them. But haven’t spoken in a while.

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When I was in high school I trained as a draftsman and we had to draw these orthographic projections that were similar, Just at a 45 instead of 30/60. Anyway, I still use that learnin’ to make display renderings. Off on a tangent here 🫥 Just an old man tellin stories…

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I’d say it was surely created in software, but the software didn’t do it.

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If I had to take a wild guess, I’d say it was done in Sketchup since it’s often used for these sorts of isometric architectural drawings. Really though, it could have been done in lots of different drawing and 3d apps — Blender, for example.

Long ago, I worked at a computer manufacturing company (Unisys) as a technical illustrator. We used technical pens and drafting equipment, but all the drawings were isometric since we didn’t need to worry about 3-point perspective, and the components in the drawings could be accurately measured (difficult to explain).

That looks like something out of very early “city-building” type games that only displayed from one angle, like this one Caesar™ 3 on Steam
Research what software built those.

Thanks for the response, how do you know that these are made in sketch program? Also, do you have any suggestion of sketch software which can be used to create this?

What do you mean by software didn’t do it?

Ibb. co is virus laden. Don’t download.

What he meant was software didn’t create it, an artist told the software what to create.
Artistic talent required.

Check out Voxel building softwares. It’s made to build using blocks. Minecraft is a gross example, but the imagery can be refined. I don’t do this kind of art but I had a look and you can get some fairly complex block based art out of some of those rendering engines.

This one looks pretty cool!
Go to 3:30 to see buildings

Thank you for the voxel software guidance. I have not used Voxel software before so this info pretty much new for me so thanks for it.