How to Creative Bar design


I have some Best land property. so I think to build a bar. please tell me How to Creative Bar design.

Hi yantram3dstudio,

Do you mean a bar where you drink alcoholic beverages?


Only Disco bar. No alcohol.

I’ve not been to a disco bar where they didn’t have alcohol but that’s ok. You’ll still likely have a beverage serving station for non-alcoholic drinks. First advice is to do a overhead 2D floor plan.

Need a drink serving station/bar with bar stools in front of it.

Need 3 walls for lounge seating.

Dancefloor in the center , disco ball up top. Choose a wall on the right or left for men’s and women’s bathrooms. The doors should be on the same wall and if you’re interested in making it easier for males and females to bump into each other, put the entrance ways for both bathrooms near each other. Opposite wall can be the bar or dj booth / stage.

Another door could be used to take you to an outside patio with second dj for alternative music outside plus a second patio for those that still need to smoke or alternatively another beverage station.

I’d start with finding out if such a venue is even going to be allowed in the location you intend to build it, what licensing is required, what taxes and permit fees are needed.

Then look into hiring an interior/thematic/experiential/architectural designer,
someone who can team up with a GC/builder/fabricator to realize your ideas.
There may be laws about outdoor entertainment and hours of operation. There will definitely be laws about interior safety requirements. Lots of engineering stamps and systems layouts involved. This isn’t something a non-designer should be doing, nor should it be done by any number of graphic designers out there not familiar with the materials available and the fire codes in your specific location.

Unless you are building your entire facility from the pad up, the restrooms are where the restrooms are. The door is where the door is. The patio may or may not exist. While you can start with a ground plan based on your building footprint, if you don’t have a brand theme/decor idea, you pretty much got nothing.

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