How to delete my post here?

im new here and exploring. do this forum have delete button? i try to search it but cant find it.

You want to delete your introduction post? Or you want to delete your account on the forum? I just need to clarify.

just my posting

Unless there is some unusual circumstance we don’t delete posts.

Please have a look at the Welcome to GDF section and then please read the Forum Rules so you are familiar with how things work.

Also as a new member you do not have access to all the controls. Once you become an established member you can edit and delete your postings for a specific time span. But, you won’t see those options until you have been here and participated for a while :wink:

If you have any further inquiry please feel free to personal message myself or Just B so we can be of further assistance.

i understand. thank you very much

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Many times I’ve wished there was a way …

Welcome to the forum Mina :grinning:

You can edit it – for a short time I think.
Change the text to “deleted” if that is allowed by the rules.

The edit timer allows changes within a 11 minute time span.