How to design a perfet logo for business

Before designing a logo or branding we should understand the business theme properly. Indeed, a logo has a big impact on how your customers will perceive your brand. Some key points we should keep in mind while designing a logo. Those are

  1. Why the logo is needed
  2. Define brand identity
  3. Find out the design inspiration
  4. Be careful about the business competitor
  5. The design style
  6. What type of logo should be designed
  7. Proper color balance
  8. Choose the right type of font
  9. Proper communication with the buyer/designer
  10. What to do/not to do while designing.

That is all.

And the most important of all: research.

  • your target audience. Demographic. Who are your costumers?

  • the field you are in. Not only your competitors but also what makes you different in this kind of field?

Branding process is not only logo y’know.


These things are usually just pre-advertising posts.

That’s not quite all.

There’s also readability and legibility, suitability to various printing processes, trademarking issues, expansion of personality into a broader visual identity regarding collateral materials or secondary visual identity elements, timeliness, cultural associations, aesthetics, budgets, style guidelines, lifespan, client objectives, usage for different mediums, etc.

And as @Loulou mentioned, target audience engagement and differentiation from competitors.

If I thought about this for a few minutes, the list could easily grow three times longer.

These are very helpful instructions are given to design a perfect logo for business.

Thanks for the info. This clears my confusion in creating a logo for our business.

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