How to determine the minimum size of a logo for both web and print?

I was wondering how the minimum possible size of a logo is determined.

Thanks to everyone in advance.

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If you create a logo properly by using a vector program, it doesn’t matter what size you make the actually logo file. Vector files, if done correctly, are scaleable to whatever size is needed for the design of the web and for print. That means no effects, no gradients, no transparency.
Minimum size would depend on what is legible at viewing distance (or screen resolution.)

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I was wondering what did you mean by “viewing distance” and how can I determine “what is legible at viewing distance(or screen resolution.) ?”

As for what’s legible, take those letter charts on that image page with a grain of salt. It comes from experience.
Print a bunch of different fonts out at different sizes, tape them to a wall and walk backwards to determine what is legible at what distance.

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Viewing distance would be the normal range of distances from which the design would be viewed.

You have a very useful built-in tool for doing exactly that — your eyes. :grin:

At the optimal viewing distance, if the logo (or type or whatever) is difficult to decipher and isn’t easily legible and decipherable, you have a problem.

Experience plays into judging this distance, but common sense plays an even larger role. If things look too small and difficult to decipher to you, most everyone else will have the same difficulty. Don’t make people strain to see or understand those things in a layout that are important.

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