How to distribute internal business card proofs

We have rebranded business cards for the whole company and I need to figure out the most efficient way for each individual to preview and approve (or reject) their card.

Never used it before but Share File option through Acrobat seems the best option - has anyone used this for a similar reason and is there any reason why I shouldn’t use this method?

There’s also sharing a Dropbox link but think you need to pay to enable digital signatures. OR just email an attachment to each person individually and ask them to reply with comments (or direct them to a Jotform page).

Would appreciate some guidance from someone who has dealt with a similar dilemma before.

Thanks in advance.

You might have good reasons for wanting every person in the company to proof their cards, but I’ve never done it.

Instead, I’ve created an online form for larger companies (>50 people) for people to fill out ahead of time. The form tells them exactly what needs to go on the card, limits how many characters per line they get, etc.

The information obtained by the form ends up in a database. Aside from obvious mistakes noticed through a cursory glance at the data, the information people entered into the form is what goes on their business cards.

Giving everyone a second chance to change the information after proofing their cards seems like an invitation for dozens of people to make changes they should have given more thought to when they first filled out the form.

If you really need everyone in the company to proof their own cards, why not just put them all into a big multi-page PDF, then send a link to it to every employee? Put the onus on them to call up the PDF, find their card, then get back to you if they need something changed.

I just send them as individual pdfs. Can be separated quite easily and named through acrobat.

Then up to the person you contact to share with individuals and sign off.

Just make sure you get signed off and any errors etc are not your onus.