How to download a templete

every time i try it takes me here to forum

I’m not sure I understand.

… and, what is a templete?

What template? Where? What’s the URL?

Sounds like someone mis-hyperlinked a template on another website that redirected here instead of the download. See if there’s a “Contact the Author” or similar button to let them know and maybe get the template directly from them.

I have a feeling @lee462 tried to download a template they found on an old article somewhere that was linked to Stock Logos. Which has been gone for a very long time. That’s the only place I know of that redirects here.


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There’re a lot of old links to Stock Logos on Pinterest. Pinterest drives me crazy. I want sources, not Pins.

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Pinterest in general drives me nuts for that very reason. I hate looking for something and the first page of “sources” is the same Pin that’s been shared and reposted 100 times :roll_eyes:

The whole platform is not very user friendly at all! Had a hard time searching for things, and heaven forbid if I click on a pinterest link and don’t log in, lol

Kinda like Instagram going to Account holders only. Dumb. What good is a business instagram account if the general public can’t view it?
(Though the specific cases I’ve encountered could be account holder error, but I doubt it.)
It’s like a recent thing too. I used to follow a few public persona IG people (by just going to their URL) but now, nope. Can’t view them.

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Yes, it’s gotta be a stocklogos link.

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